The National Center for Urban Operations Dense Urban Operations Solution Portfolio


Purpose : The National Center for Urban Operations (NCUO) was formally established in February 2018 at Fort Hamilton, New York City as a a team of experienced practitioners & public servants uniting the larger network of interest in order to generate material, educational, training, and conceptual solutions to the emerging problems associated with the asymmetric threats and complex characteristics of the dense urban environment . Our portfolio follows, with featured projects below:
Total Events: April 2016 – June 2020

Conceptual : 8

Educational : 12

Training : 35

Material : 7

Publications & Podcasts :
• Clay’s June 2020 publication “Taking Back the Infantry Decameter: Improving US Army Close Quarters Battle” describes, assesses, and proposes solutions to the US Army Infantry’s current capability gaps in the conduct of close-quarters battle in urban and subterranean environments, published with and approved for release by the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment, located here.

• Pat and John are featured on a September 2020 podcast entitled “Thought Leaders: Urban Operations Part 1” by the Association of the US Army (AUSA) found here.

• John is featured on a June 2021 webinar entitled “Urban Warfare: Threats and Opportunities” by the United Kingdom’s Warfare Simulation “Fight Club” here.

• Pat’s essay “Observations for Practitioners of Complex Operations” reflects on the convergence of complexity in the dense urban environment and the adaptations required by practitioners published in July 2010 by NATO’s Defense College here.

• Outputs from the US Army “Current and Future Operations in Megacities” Conference in Tokyo from 16 – 19 July 2019 can be found here.

• Joe is featured on a February 2020 podcast entitled “Subterranean Warfare” with the Modern War Institute at Westpoint here.

• Pat is featured on a March 2020 podcast entitled “Preparing Militaries for the Complexity of Megacities” with the Modern War Institute at Westpoint here.

Partner Resources :
• The International Working Group on Subterranean Warfare is the first international initiative bringing together experts from disciplines as varied as history, law, security studies, international relations, psychology, and geology in an effort to better understand subterranean threats, found here.

•The Modern War Institute’s (MWI) Irregular Warfare Initiative provides a forum and content intended to support the community of irregular warfare professionals, providing a forum to cultivate the incorporation of irregular warfare competencies in the context of modern national security strategy, located here.

• The Modern War Institute’s (MWI) Urban Warfare Project offers podcasts and publications here.

• The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Defense Innovation Network (DIN) Dense Urban Environment Community offers discussion boards, resources, and innovation forums here.

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